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Re: Does JJ Abrams Star Trek have any heroines?

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I'd like to see just one girl whose main role isn't to be the princess or the girlfriend.
They're making a bit of headway with Uhura.
Perhaps they can make Carol out to be the great scientist she was in TWOK.
For me this is the problem; Uhura in particular does some brave things but (to me) they came across as secondary, partly because she's a secondary character and partly because her relationship to Spock got more emphasis. For me to call her a heroine that'd have to be her primary function in the movie.
If you do heroic things, you are a hero/heroine.

I mean if people are asking about in general sense of a heroine IE Lara Croft or something like that? Then no, but that is just Trek. Janeway is as close as you come, but as far as TOS goes the NUhura has done nearly more in two movies than Nichelle got in three seasons and six movies.
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