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Re: Benedict Cumberbatch /John Harrison [SPOILERS]

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Am sure with some of the backlash STiD has received, Orci and CO are probably regretting it and pulling their hairs out about some of the bad decisions they made in this film.
If by backlash you mean the vocal minority of Trek fans (the majority of which were already preconditioned to hate this film because of the last) then nope.

If that was a factor they would have never made another movie those same people hated the first film with a passion.

That has been the only real backlash. It was still critically well received, did great box office numbers, and exceeded expectations overseas.

They were always going to do Khan, never were they not. As Orci has stated "when your given a box of toys to play with, you always take out the coolest ones first".

While the original premise of the ST09 was that it wasn't a super strict reboot (because they did include elements from the Prime Universe) it was still a reboot, and when you do a reboot you are going back and doing old characters for a new generation.

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