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Re: Scaling the Excelsior Filming Model

sojourner wrote: View Post
I always pictured the secondary hull cavity as a "modular mission bay". An area that could take plug in modules depending on need.
I'm leaning toward that direction increasingly. It may've not started out that way, but having it end up that way makes sense.

Workbee wrote: View Post
What is interesting is that even the Study Model by Bill George seems to have this chasm.

The Blue Forcefield glow actually predated TUC (when alterations were made). Its appearance in TNG, particularly in Unnatural Selection reveals this blue glow:

So it seems there is a definite story here. I am very curious what Bill George envisioned with this opening.

Here is an early publicity shot shortly after completion of the model for TSFS:
Thanks, Workbee. I had forgotten entirely about the study model. Hopefully we can somehow find out from Mr. George about his intent.

Not for nothin', but the saucer rim of the study model seems to have three decks.

While we're talking about the secondary hull space, these images bear examination:

The first two are of the original filming model, I think during it's NX days, the third from its Lakota era (obviously) and the fourth from Jein's VGR version.

So, I remembered wrong. There actually is something of a pod in there beyond the structure on the "ceiling"... just not exactly clearcut doors. You can even see it in the Jein model. The AMT model kit, I don't think is entirely accurate to the filming model, but it definitely has a similar pod. (I have an unassembled one I am tempted to take a photo of.)

I also think it's interesting the Lakota's opening was squared off at the bottom, possibly implying a floor?


By the way, I finally found the diagram of the interior of the refit Enterprise from which I derived the notion of different deck heights. I believe it is also Mr. Probert's work.

I took a chunk of the secondary hull, at put it to the levels shown in the neck. They don't appear to me to be spaced quite the same.

What do you think?
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