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Re: IS the okuda timeline canon?

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Well if we accept that Space Seed occurs in 2267, and that TWoK takes place 15 years later as stated on-screen, which would be 2282, and that TMP takes place in 2273 (per VGR); that still gives us about nine years between TMP and TWoK to play with uniforms and additional 5-year missions, or whatever.
But Kirk's Romulan Ale is dated 2283, and Kirk and McCoy seem to imply that some years have passed since that date (although we could interpret McCoy's line as irony).

I remember a book of short Trek stories in the '80s coming up with an early 23rd century date (like 2212, or something like that) so as to allow Khan's line of "two hundred years ago" to make sense in a 23rd century setting, yet that requires ignoring the date on the bottle of Romulan ale.
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