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Re: Internal Revenue Service stocking up on firearms and ammo

I find it funny that we're living in the safest time it has ever been to be a human being. We aren't being chased by animals, we aren't being attacked by barbarians and we aren't having to duel some guy because we cut him off in traffic. Yet people are convinced the world is ending at any moment.

The government is planning on killing us. The government can barely run a war. Also the government isn't a thing, it's a bunch of people and most people are idiots. They couldn't even keep the bin Laden kill secret, the Rock was tweeting about it before the news was.

Also what are they going to do after they kill us all? Just sit around and look at each other?

People need to relax, nothing is going to happen and we'll live relatively decent lives until we make robots that think and they decide to kill us all.
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