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Re: The Official Deleted/Alternate Material Thread

Wow, Maab, great finds!

Since TWOK doesn't really have too many 'deleted scenes', but a lot of scenes where portions were cut--it is extremely hard to say 'this shot was cut' or 'that shot was cut'---- from a still photo, but the stills you posted are great evidence that they WERE shot for those who haven't seen the workprint.

For the record, neither of the two McCoy/Chekov scene in sickbay were in the workprint--indicating the were very early cuts as they slowed down the pace of the final battle.

The part where Kirk tries on the glasses WAS in the workprint, along with the first two scenes of the child, but NOT the one where he is next to the Genesis device.

Since I grow more pesimistic every year, about paramount releasing any deleted scenes from these movies--it is great to see these brief clips and the various stills from the original movies.

My most desired scene from TSFS was a fairly long (Page and a half) scene between McCoy and Kirk in the turbo-lift with McCoy wearing his white med smock for the only time in that movie. A still of the scene was posted in the 'theater program' they sold in the theater opening night.

After having seen the workprint for TWOK my obsession now is a little more pointed at TSFS and TUC missing scenes.

Still hoping we'll get lucky for the next releases....
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