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Re: New Book about TOS: These Are The Voyages

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Fans used to be able to get newly restored pictures for free. Now, if it still happens at all, we'll have to buy them. That's the only way they can make it rewarding and worth their while now. It probably was fun for them, but now the Collector makes them look like chumps and doormats if they continue their efforts.

Thank you, Collector, wherever you are, for single-handedly making my Star Trek fandom more expensive!
Just pointing out that the option to monetize the pics was always available to startrekhistory, dude, whether they chose to do so or not.

Your suggestion that the appearance of some small BW pics that they do not own and may not have been the source of in a new book has somehow changed the equation to make their work totally unrewarding is laughable.

And, IMO, you are totally wrong in suggesting the book is all about monetizing those tiny pics. As others have said, those pics in no way compete with the high-res color versions freely available on the web. No-one would buy the book to see those 2" wide B&W pics.

IMO, you've totally lost all proper perspective for the situation. I do think the photos slightly enhance the written content, as they seem to have been chosen to correspond with many of the anecdotes in the text - but they aren't the be all and the end all of this book as you would have everyone believe.
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