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Re: Oberth Class the missing link between Enterprise and Reliant

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Not sure what else I can add to the discussion beyond posting a link to the old schematic thread. Suffice to say I've always worked from the presumption that the Oberth was a late 22nd century design (hence the log reg) and was heavily influenced by Vulcan design aesthetics (hence the unique look.)
I think Vulcan involvement makes all kinds of sense considering it is a science ship. What do others think about this, and the 22nd century notion?
I'd be happy and content with an early 23rd Century notion. I agree that "science" in Star Trek has a certain Vulcan connotation - and last but not least we had the "Vulcan long-range shuttle" in TMP where the passenger "module" equally detached from the warp-drive sled in a fashion not too dissimilar of what I expect the Oberth Class to be capable of.

The debatable thing here is "Vulcan" long-range shuttle, "Spock's long-range shuttle" may have been more appropriate. The Official TMP blueprints do not suggest this to be an exclusive Vulcan design, but they say "Class: Vulcan" (Vulcan Class - what's up with that ? )

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How tall do you estimate each deck and what were to happen if you allocated some more space at the bottom for antigrav and other components necessary for atmospheric flight and touchdown while still maintaining an equal height deck level for the remaining interior space?
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Well, if we wanted to we could take an approach similar to Excelsior and try to visually scale it based on what we know of its size relative to other vessels, and go from there.
I don't know. As you just demonstrated yourself with the SS Vico and the contrast between monitor display and model, the departments couldn't even make up their mind what size the ship should have, mind put it at a reliable scale with other ships to draw useful conclusions from.

The starting point would be Star Trek III and the suggested overall length of 120 meters, IMHO. Based on that what would be the deck height in your VFX composite?

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