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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back?

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For a rewritten version of the story to rewind history and say all that personal trauma and trial and reconciliation and doubt and grief were unnecessary, and the right woman's kiss cleared everything up and things are now hunky-dory, is to devalue the previous storyline. It doesn't eliminate it from our history, but it does sorta say, "Ah, well, who cares?"
I don't think the Abramsverse films have said that at all. This version of Spock has different doubts and concerns and maybe be just a bit unhinged after the destruction of his world and death of his mother. Plus, you have to figure in that he isn't as old as his TOS series counterpart.

There's more than enough room to get Spock to his TOS "self" or to take him in a completely new direction. I'm enjoying the ride.
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