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i think its clear that the TOS era was marked by a relatively short-lived dalliance in 1960's modernist styling, with little impact on long-term design and aesthetic trends.
No. If you look at other sci-fi productions and sci-fi hardware of the time they all had a very similar aesthetic. In terms of having a clean look. And it's a look I still very mich prefer to some of the overdone detail following in the wake of Star Wars. Don't get me wrong---lots of detail can work within context of a given work, but I find it odd seeing it applied to Star Trek. Even TMP got more detailed than TOS (understandably), but it still wasn't in SW territory.
Pretty sure Largo meant "in universe".
Yeah, I'm pretty sure he did. What I neglected to address was this sense of revisionism that has cropped up since TNG. On one level I can see why it happened, but it's also partly the result of TOS being something of an orphan because even while being first it is separated by decades from the spin-off series.
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