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Re: New Book about TOS: These Are The Voyages

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I thought you liked and respected and were a fan of the work these filmclip restorers have been doing.

Thank you, Collector, wherever you are, for now wrecking that!
The appearance of similar B&W public domain images in a book does not detract from the appeal fans derive from viewing large, full color versions on the web, IMO. And nothing prevents startrekhistory from monetizing the color versions if they wish to. If you go on ebay now, you can see some of these same rare images actually for sale there.
Yes, now the restorers can monetize their pictures if they want to. Until the Collector came along, they used to restore and make new and interesting clips available to fans for free. Now the Collector will simply take any new "public domain" images the restorers make available and repackage them somehow to make money for himself. Fans used to be able to get newly restored pictures for free. Now, if it still happens at all, we'll have to buy them. That's the only way they can make it rewarding and worth their while now. It probably was fun for them, but now the Collector makes them look like chumps and doormats if they continue their efforts.

Thank you, Collector, wherever you are, for single-handedly making my Star Trek fandom more expensive!
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