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Re: New Book about TOS: These Are The Voyages

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I think the reason that you/they hang so tight to "legally" is that ethically you know you screwed the pooch.
I said "legally" because others here were strongly implying illegal reproduction of the pics was taking place -- or permission was required for those images - which isn't true. The truth is that photos which are in the public domain are free for all to republish. And it's not unethical for books to include images from the public domain. Done in the past, and will be done time and again in the future. And I don't see why you are so convinced startrekhistory was the source for all of these images versus all the old magazines, other film clips, books and fanzines in existence that are just as likely to have been sources? Is there a BW photo in the book that is unique to startrekhistory that was never printed elsewhere ... I kinda doubt that. Just considering the proliferation of these same images all over the web for years makes the existence of a single source less likely, IMO. I think it's possible some pics on startrekhistory share the same source as those in the book. Are you condemning every single photo in the book or just one or two? I actually thought I saw startrekhistory credited in there for some images.

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