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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back?

Timewalker wrote:
By Vulcan standards (not Sarek's standards or Amanda's or Spock's, Vulcan in general) that IS a very noticeable unacceptable breach of decorum and manners. Any regular Vulcan would be correct in wondering if nuSpock were mentally ill, for engaging in such behavior.
And this would differ from all of the times Spock showed emotion in TOS ("JIM!!!!" etc) and the movies how, exactly?
RealSpock's personal growth happened over many decades (of the character's life, as well as the series). NuSpock basically went from one extreme to the other inside of 10 minutes or so (or however long it was; the in-story timespan of events on the ship wasn't anywhere near long enough for me to believe such "growth").
Well, it was enough for me so each to their own. Remember that TOS and TMP were all essentially stand-alone stories, as is STXI. It's not like there was a long term TOS - TMP plan for Spock's emotional awakening which gradually unfolded.
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