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Re: Star Trek: The Lost Generation

Star Trek: The Lost Generation

Episode #1 The Golgotha

Chapter #9 The Dream

Cassandra Julianna Corsinca had awakened from a dream, saying outloud the name, "Godfrey...". She propped herself up in bed and touched her forehead with her right hand as if it will help her retain the dream in her memory and somehow discern the meaning of the dream. She shook her head at the silliness of doing so, and yet the dream felt so real, but as a fleeting memory, but she held unto it.

The dream was odd enough that it was easy to retain it. She was in a womb, in a Vulcan mind-meld formation with another baby. A baby boy. She could hear telepathic voices from the mother and the baby boy, as she too, was sending telepathic communication to them as well. It was a peaceful place. A happy place. A loving place where she felt she belonged. She loved being in contact with this baby boy. But there was another. Someone had contact with him, and was communicating through him to her as well. She sensed from him that the other was another baby sister holding unto the heel of his left foot. The baby boy's name was Godfrey in according to the mother in her addressing them, and then to the other baby sister as Lydia while she was being addressed as Desarae. Lydia wanted to get closer the way "Casey" was to the baby boy, but was unable to. All three of them could hear their mother telepathically talking to two other babies in the womb as their names were Candice and Lee Ann. She could feel the backside of Candice to hers, but there was no communication between Candice and Lee Ann, wherever she was. The mother of the womb had read her thoughts and had informed her that direct telepathic communication can only be done by hand contact for now. The mother assured her that Candice and Lee Ann were all right.

Then other parts of the dream faded, but she remembered upon awakening that the dream was still going on while she was awakening as if it was more of a memory rather than a dream she was waking up from. Still, it was a nice dream, having a brother and three sisters in constant communication with their mother in the womb.

She slipped out of bed, and wondered what time it was. She asked, "Computer, what is the current time?"

"0700 hours..." the computer chimed in. Casey was used to the computer waking her up in time, but her normal sleep cycle did it for her this time.

She slid out of bed and donned her discarded uniform quickly. Most Starfleet personnel in Engineering would have had to change their uniforms each day when doing hands on labour, but being a counselor, her uniform did not suffer the necessity to switch out to a cleaner one today.

She bundled up her sandy blonde hair, sticking hair needles in place to hold the prim hairstyle in showing off her Vulcan ears. Then she exitted her quarters in a hurry.

Although she had worked beyond her normal working hours as the Station's Counselor in resolving the ladies' issues with the admiral, she still had to process the Thunderchild to get a work crew underway in removing all Starfleet classified material, and replace them with their "generic" counterparts. She has to file that with the Commodore's seal of approval.

She went into the Commodore's Office where the secretary in the foyer was alarmed at the sight of her. Casey sensed hostilities rising in the next room where the Commodore was, but entered in anyway.

"YOU!!" yelled Admiral Barone at the top of his lungs, "YOU DID THIS! YOU ... YOU... " he was mere inches away from her face as her calm Vulcan and yet pleasant features was slowing ebbing the fires out of his eyes to render him speechless as he entertains the notion of wanting to play with her in his holodeck program. He quickly turned away, hoping to save face as he was embarrassed at himself for considering her as a possible potential for another "run" with another beautiful woman in his holodeck program when he had been restricted from playing with any female member of Starfleet ever again, regardless of the rank.

Sensing this from him, Casey felt she needed to defuse the situation further for it seems the admiral's emotions was going to be his undoing. It would end his career at Starfleet, but he was on edge of doing something foolish in venting his rage, and she dreaded him crossing paths with any of his "victims" in the corridor. "Admiral," Casey began,"you do not need live females to play in your holodeck programs," she added, "it would be best to accept that not all females are accustomed to such personal contact in that field of play and to respect their displeasure if you wish to save your standing here at Starfleet."

Looking out of the window from the office from facing her, the tensed shoulders of the admiral slackened, but after letting out a big exhale of air, he stormed out of the room without saying another word.

Seeing the door slid shut, the Commodore went over to her to hug her, but remembered his place and refrained by holding his hands together and saying, "Thank you, Counselor. You came just in time."

"Indeed," Casey replied, sensing a wave of grateful emotions coming from the Commodore. Wishing to set the Commodore's mind on something else besides her, Casey continued, "I may have another alternative for the Klingon Captain and his crew."

"Hasn't the Prometheus been designated the Golgotha?" the Commodore inquired.

"Yes," Casey replied, "but I believe the USS Thunderchild can serve better. It would take less time to strip down the ship of all classified Starfleet material than it would for the Golgotha."

The Commodore looked away, hoping it would help him concentrate on what the Counselor was talking about as he peered out the window to look for the Thunderchild in orbit around the station to remind him of how big it was in comparison with the ship they were replacing. It was out of view at the moment, but he replied, "Well, that would solve two birds with one stone... but we are going to have to name it something else for the Federation registry." Then he spotted the former ship "Prometheus". "Ooops," the Commodore announced.

Sensing that this verbal response was directed towards her, the Counseor walked over to the window to see what he was looking at in relations to her. She saw her mistake. A work crew had removed the name of the "Prometheus", and had started putting on the name of the Golgotha. They were filling in the "L" from left to right as the outline of the other letters could be seen past the "L". She sighed, shaking her head. "Sorry, Commodore," she explained, "I had meant to leave the Golgotha Registry floating until I had the actual ship seperated."

"That's okay, Cassandra," the Commodore said softly, as he caught himself from saying, "to err is human..." but instead said, "everyone make mistakes. Even Vulcans."

The Counselor ignored that comment and pointed out, "Nevertheless, let me inquire first if Captain Rimko would accept the Thunderchild. Its reputation may have gotten around to him, and this may very well be all for naught," the Counselor suggested.

"No," the Commodore waved at her to dismiss that as he walked behind his desk, "you have done more than enough settling this quagmire of mine involving the ladies," I'll take it from here."

"As you wish, Commodore," Casey replied, "however, I do have a personal request."

This made the Commodore look up from his desk, and asked,"Oh? A personal request?"

"Yes," Casey said eyeing him for his facial response that would follow once the request was known,"I wish to transfer my living arrangement on the station to the Counselor's quarters on the Golgotha."

"Done," the Commodore said gladly,"I do agree that you may need to hide from the Admiral for awhile."

"I am a Vulcan, Commodore," Casey replied, "we do not need to 'hide'."

"Of course," the Commodore mused, "of course," as he thought of a way to rephrase what he had just said, "but who needs the grief?"

The Counselor tilted her head back at that, but said nothing to that. She offered instead, "If you need my services again for whatever the reasons in negotiating with the Klingon Captain, do not hesitate to call me."

"I will," he lied. Although appreciative of the Counselor's help, he was getting tired of looking like he could not do the job without her. He wanted to impress her by settling this minor dispute by himself and send that Klingon Captain and his crew on their merry way.

When the door to the Commodore's Office had closed behind Casey in the foyer where the secretary was, she was about to speak, but the secretary took the words out of her mouth by paraphrasing, "I shall inform you when things go south."

The Counselor left, and as she headed towards her office, she sensed the admiral in his seething rage following her. She rounded the bend where she had bumped into her twin yesterday when she began to feel the admiral beathing down her neck behind her. From all of the "dirty" emotions Cassandra was feeling from the admiral, she felt she could use another Risa shower.

As she was zoning out everything to reach her office, she approached a couple in the corridor that was eyeing her and the admiral close on her heels. The man held out his hand towards the admiral and commanded, "That is enough, Admiral! I am Captain William Riker of the Titan, and I will not allow you to continue harrassing this counselor any further!"

This stopped Cassandra and the admiral in their tracks. Then the woman wrapped her arm with Cassandra's and declared boldly, "I am Counselor Deanna Troi, Ship's Counselor of the Titan!"the woman declaredloudly enough for people around her to hear, "the Counselor is under our protection now! So back off, Admiral Barone!" She took Casey's arm and led her away while Riker dealt with him. As he was calling security to log the complaint, more witnesses were gathering around the two men. Casey looked back to see the admiral losing his cool as Riker dodged a blow to the head and allowed the admiral's forward momentum to trip over Will's side-stepping him, causing the admiral to trip, plowing onto the floor.

Then Casey looked at Deanna as they were walking away to her office, and she could sense that Deanna had another agenda with her. Deanna could sense that she was sensing this and so Deanna spoke telepathically to her, "Yes, I am fully aware that you are part Betazoid, and I do have something important to share with you, but all in good time."

They had arrived at her office where another Vulcan female with dark hair was waiting for them. She remembered that she was with the Rikers yersterday when she had bumped into her "twin" in the corridor. She saw by the exchanged looks, that she was with Deanna for whatever this other agenda was.

Deanna let go of Casey's arm, allowing her to sit behind her desk to face them. "Shall we wait for your husband or..?"

Deanna looked at Lee Ann and then back at Casey again in replying, "No," she paused," we can continue on without him being here. I am sure he will be tied up awhile in filing charges against Admiral Barone."

"Who are you?" Casey asked the Vulcan female.

"My name is Lee Ann," she pleasantly replied, "I am your sister."

Casey sat straight back in her chair at that revelation as she could sense that Lee Ann was telling the truth, and then looked at Deanna in confusion.

"Lee Ann is my Goddaughter,"Deanna began,"your mother was pregnant with you all when I had parted ways from her to go into Starfleet, but not before designating me as your official Godmother," she paused before continuing, "it was unfortunate but your mother died giving birth to you all."

Casey saw the Padd Lee Ann was holding that held the information, and Lee Ann saw this, and offered it to her to read.

The dream came rushing back to her like a long forgotten memory that was on the tip of now being remembered forever. "I am Desarae..."

Casey could not believe her eyes. "That twin is my sister too?" She looked up shocked at this, "But she looked so human," and she looked at Lee Ann and commented, "I'm sorry but you and I look no way alike."

"It is not uncommon for mixed races to have a more pronounced differing characteristics within quintriplets," Deanna explained,"... as well as identical make up."

Then Casey saw the report of the missing Lydia and the seperation of Godfrey from Candice at seven years of age. Lee Ann got up and stood beside her to see what Casey was reading on the Padd. "We are hoping we can find Godfrey and Lydia someday," Lee Ann said sadly, as she sat back down, "but.." Lee Ann stopped as she sensed an emotional turmoil building up in her sister.

The dream explained everything. Enow was Godfrey and Ivana was Lydia. Ivana could not have had a reaction like that unless she had "melded" with Enow in the womb when she was touching his heel.

Casey knew now that she was getting that dream from their already established empathic bond with Enow. The empathic bond had awakened a familiarity residing deep within her memory that was brought forth to the surface gradually in the form of a dream.

Casey wondered what kind of a reaction she would have had if she had ever touched Enow. Would she and Enow immediately have known they were siblings at that moment?

Casey looked at Lee Ann and announced weakly,"I know where they are ... now that I know who they are."

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