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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back?

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Okay... first of all, it's not just the FACT that realSpock and realUhura never went beyond mild flirtation - it's a FACT that Vulcan society in general didn't go in for public displays of affection such as those done by nuSpock and nuUhura. I find it very hard to believe that the Abramsverse Vulcans would be into it, either. Spock grew up in a "don't show your emotions in public and preferably not in private, either" culture - so why is he acting not only un-Vulcan, but also unprofessionally as a Starfleet officer? Saying "it's a reboot" just doesn't excuse it. That's not Spock. It's an actor we're expected to think is Spock and react to as though he's Spock, but that character is NOT authentically Spock.
You mean their ONE public kiss on the transporter pad that came AFTER Spock's breakdown and admission to his father that he has emotions and cannot control them?
By Vulcan standards (not Sarek's standards or Amanda's or Spock's, Vulcan in general) that IS a very noticeable, unacceptable breach of decorum and manners. Any regular Vulcan would be correct in wondering if nuSpock were mentally ill, for engaging in such behavior.

Although he got there a very different way, Old Spock basically went though the same thing in TMP, realizing what folly an emotionless and purely logical life truly is. We then got a Spock who smiled a teeny bit in WoK, who wasn't afraid to tell Kirk what he meant to him. A Spock who laughed at the end of STIV and told Starfleet to "Go to hell" at the end of STVI.

What you see as "characterization rape," I see as personal growth.
RealSpock's personal growth happened over many decades (of the character's life, as well as the series). NuSpock basically went from one extreme to the other inside of 10 minutes or so (or however long it was; the in-story timespan of events on the ship wasn't anywhere near long enough for me to believe such "growth").

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My point is that if (for example) I'm willing to do research to understand the current plotline and character interactions on a damn soap opera
So don't assume everybody will do that like you or me. Fans sho started watching Trek in 2009 might not even be interested in the old timeline. Imagine their confusion when Vulcan is back.
Nobody's forcing them to be interested in the old timeline. I run across lots of Doctor Who fans who have absolutely zero interest in anything that happened before Christopher Eccleston. They choose to ignore (and sometimes dismiss unseen) what happened previously - some 40 years' worth of wonderful stories. If they're "confused", it's their own fault if they stay that way due to refusing to get "unconfused" (by consulting other fans and resources that could explain things to them) - and this also applies to the nuTrek fans who prefer to ignore what came before.

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And as far as I know, there isn't a prohibition on romance between Starfleet officers, an instance that comes to mind is Balance of Terror, where officer Angela was engaged to her commanding officer Tomlinson. There are also numerous romantic relationships between other main characters like Jadzia and Worf, Torres and Paris, Riker and Troi, etc.
Romance isn't prohibited. But there are regulations and social conventions about how that romance is expressed. Torres and Paris were reprimanded for their blatant PDAs in Voyager. They weren't told they couldn't have a relationship. They were told to keep it off-duty and in the privacy of their quarters or the holodeck.

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The "prime timeline" is dead. Deal with it and move on.
That's just rude. The "prime timeline" may be dead as far as new movies/TV is concerned. It's not dead anywhere else, so YOU deal with THAT.

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Which is your opinion, and you're entitled to it. And if you ever happen to write a nuTrek novel, I won't be buying it. You're an excellent author and I enjoy your work, but only to the point where you're writing in a universe I find enjoyable.

(and for the people who will promptly yell at me for "threatening" to not buy Greg Cox's books... don't bother. It's not a threat and not a tantrum - just a comment)
Thanks for the kind words! And don't worry. I hardly expect everyone to buy all of my books, regardless of the series or subject matter. (I've learned from hard experience that you cannot give XENA books away at a TREK convention--and vise versa.) And I don't expect DS9 fans to buy my TOS books just because my name is on it.There are lots of different flavors of Trek these days and not everybody is going to like Rocky Road.
I've only ever gone to two fan events that were limited to one show - Star Trek in 1978 (an afternoon event with George Takei, in Calgary) and Doctor Who in the late '80s, at the Spokane PBS station when Sylvester McCoy was touring across the US after having taken over the role from Colin Baker. The rest of the events I've been to have been conventions where the guests have been authors, artists, editors, university professors, people from the local planetarium, and even Phil Currie, who runs the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology in Drumheller. No actors. These conventions had a wonderfully eclectic mix of people and guests, with many common interests. You could indeed have "given away" a Xena book while also selling your ST books. There are some extremely enthusiastic Xena fans in this area, even this many years after the show ended; one friend of mine started writing a fanfic crossover of Xena & Deep Space Nine!
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