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Re: Oberth Class the missing link between Enterprise and Reliant

What do others think about this, and the 22nd century notion?
Well, the curved pylons make a new sort of sense from the ENT viewpoint, being half a warp ring - Earth-style nacelles apparently make up for the other half.

But surely there should be "Vulcan influence" in basically all starship designs anyway?

As for that "four-decker" wreck, I don't quite see the merit of assuming that those fancy openings in the saucer are supposed to accommodate shuttlecraft. They don't look a bit like the Enterprise shuttlebay, and there's no indication the Grissom had shuttles let alone ones operating from those holes.

And the central dome doesn't become a convincing bridge until one scales up the ship to at least four times the "two-decker", 120m size. It's wasted effort IMHO when we could just as well assume the bridge is sunken deep inside the saucer.

Actually, FWIW, "Hero Worship" and "The Naked Now" both suggest the bridge is actually at the forward edge of the saucer, with one vertical wall bordering on empty space. Perhaps the bow opening is actually the bridge windshield? (A typical late 22nd/early 23rd century feature, that .)

Timo Saloniemi
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