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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back?

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If you believe a Next Gen reboot is possible, they're going to pull from that so called 'dead' timeline as much as NuKirk being from Iowa and NuSpock being half Vulcan.
Of course they'll use elements. But they will pick and choose the elements that fit the story and leave the rest in the past.
Exactly. I imagine they'll remake TNG eventually. Probably when some high-powered executive or hot new director who grew up on TNG gets enough clout to make it happen.

You see this in comics all the time. As soon as a new generation of editors and writers and artists comes of age, they almost always try to revive their childhood favorites.

"Now is my chance to write that DEVIL DINOSAUR story I've been dreaming of since sixth grade!"

Somewhere out there, even as we speak, is some huge TNG fan who is going to be biggest thing in the world fifteen years from now. And if he (or she) really wants to revive TNG, people will listen ....
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