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Re: 2013 NBA Offseason Thread...

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I don't think the trend can ever be stockpiling big men because there aren't enough talented 7 footers in the league to support that.
Oh, it was most definitely perceived as a "trend", regardless of skill levels of the various bigs being signed. Teams, especially those in the west, thought they had to "stockpile" bigs in order to compete with Bynum and Gasol.

Miami's "small ball" formula is an illusion. They just signed Greg Oden. Riles knows that there still is no substitute for height even though the Heat hasn't seemed to need it in the last 2 years. They were able to win with a small team because of LeBron, and because they faced the not ready for primetime Thunder, (who weren't exactly "big" themelves) and had HCA against the Spurs (who were "big", but didn't have HCA). But going for a 3-peat, Riles knows the "trends" are a bunch of bunk.
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