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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

Final counts:
MOTUC: 115%
Club Infinite Earths: 63%
Ecto-1: 38%

So that's it, then.
DC Universe Classics, my favorite toy line of all time, finally comes to an end. We can play the blame game, but there's really no point. At the very least, we've been assured that the figures we've seen: 90s Aquaman, Ice, Conner Kent, and Damian Wayne will get to our doors one way or another, possibly through a quarterly release on Matty Collector. The sub is done, though, and Damian will most likely be the very last figure in the line. It's sad. This was easily the largest and most comprehensive DC line we've ever had or were ever likely to have. There were still so many left to do, though.

I'm really not surprised that the Ecto-1 failed. Mattel was absolutely kidding itself if it thought people were going to drop $215 on a 6" scale vehicle. Not only was the price outrageous, but they were asking people to pre-order completely sight unseen. They had no prototype to show off.
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