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Re: Internal Revenue Service stocking up on firearms and ammo

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You (and others) seem to be proceeding to a false assumption - it's not my interpretation - it's the loophole these govt organizations are exploiting to buy our all the ammunition on the market - a loophole that they would use if it did go to court. Yes, there are certainly a lot of scared citizens buying stuff too, and the dealers are also intentionally hording the ammo, artificially inflating the prices to exploit the prevailing fear, but even they have been running out of everything eventually. If you can't control the guns, control what you can shoot out of them, and they've been quite effective, while simultaneously contributing to the same mass paranoia that the govt decries.

And it isn't just the IRS doing this. DOE and DHS has been doing it for years now, just under the radar. When the recent anti-gun legislation earlier this year failed, DHS in particular really stepped-up their purchasing efforts to a degree that actually did give Congress pause and a raised eyebrow - it was all over the news (not just conservative blogs), sprinkled with the ubiquitous poo-pooing and allegations of unfounded paranoia. The purchases seem to have recently dwindled due to sequestration limits, which I find mildly amusing (and ironic).
This entire post is juvenile, paranoid nonsense that doesn't stand up to a moment's scrutiny.

There's no loophole being exploited, since there's no law against the government buying as much ammunition as they want. Regardless, they're not "buying all the ammo to keep it out of the hands of civilians." That's logistically and monetarily impractical in the extreme.

Yes, there are a lot of moronic, paranoid, chickenshit nitwits who went out and bought tons of ammo in preparation for the Obamapocalypse that never came and never will. That's why it's hard to get ammo in some regions, not because of the evil gub'mint.

And since you won't likely take my word for it, liberal press media watchdogs disagree with you:

No surprise there. Libs are just trying to cover it up, amirite? I guess we can just quote noted progressive website then:

Wow, even some of the most outspoken conservative sites are calling bullshit on this myth? Maybe we should go with something more neutral then, like Snopes:

Or perhaps a site with a bit more expertise, like the Military Times:

They all say the government isn't stockpiling ammunition to prevent John Q. Public from righteously resisting the sadly inevitable fascist, communist, Muslim, Kenyan Obamatatorship. Oh, and by the way, they have tanks, and jets, and flying killer robots, and a Navy, and fuel-air explosive bombs... Bullets are really the least of their worries.

But hey, thanks for leaving us vulnerable to attack from within by perpetuating complete bullshit like this and causing a self-fulfilling prophecy by making all the gun wieners run out and buy up all the ammo. You've left no bullets for Jed and the rest of the Wolverines to stop the Feds from taking over. Nice work, patriot.

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If that were a goal of the US government it would be completely idiotic imo.
Well...yeah...look who we're talking about here...
Yes, the grossly incompetent yet simultaneously ingenious government that conspiracy theorists almost always require to rationalize their far out ideas. Bravo.
- There are stories about what happened.
- It's true. All of it. TNZ, Hulk, ModMan. They're real.
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