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Re: Breaking Bad Final Half Season

That was another great episode. Perhaps not the gut-punch we had last week with Hank and Walt, but still some brilliant scenes. Skylar/Hank in the diner was pretty electric, though my sympathy for her dropped after she turned down Hank's offer of help.

The biggie, though, was Skylar/Marie, where my heart broke. Marie jumped to the conclusion before Hank about paying for his wounds from the drug cartel, and boy what a slap! I felt that. I understand Marie's motivations for wanting to take Polly to safety, but she was wrong.

I loved how polite child-killer Todd was with Lydia, by helping her when she couldn't face up to the murders she had ordered. Oh and lying on the money was pretty funny too.

Will Walt's lottery ticket be a winner? Will he ever see his money again?
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