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Re: Sneezing Etiquette

I'm wondering how my youngest (and he's a Kindergartener, thanks) will sneeze when he gets older. Right now, his sneezes are an EVENT, truly awesome to behold! He has a loud, long, several second build up, then the explosion: aaaaaAAAAAAAA-CHOOOOOOO! And my wife thought my sneezes were impressive! (They are, I just usually have 8 or 10 in quick succession.) We really don't think he's artificially building them up, either.

As for etiquette, I try to sneeze into my elbow, or at least away from everyone when I can't get to my elbow. Not sure when I started doing that, but I'm pretty sure it was within the last 15 years, which is after college for me. I really don't remember anyone doing anything but using their hands before that. I think some sort of cultural/health shift happened with that pretty recently.
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