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Re: Internal Revenue Service stocking up on firearms and ammo

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You (and others) seem to be proceeding to a false assumption - it's not my interpretation - it's the loophole these govt organizations are exploiting to buy our all the ammunition on the market - a loophole that they would use if it did go to court.
They don't need a loophole. There's nothing remotely unconstitutional about buying ammunition. They aren't prohibiting companies from manufacturing more. They aren't forcing companies to sell only to them. There's nothing at all in the government action that is limiting private citizens from obtaining ammo. Even if it made it more expensive, that's the free market (supply and demand). All it takes to undercut the government's plan is to sell to someone other than the government for a price less than what the government is buying it for. I seriously doubt there are constitutional implications to buying ammo with a flaw in their "plan" that large.
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