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Re: "Beware the Batman" in 2013! New Animated Series

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My hypothesis at the moment is that season 2 of Beware the Batman is going to be called (Beware) Batman and the Outsiders.
I don't think there is the slightest possibility of that, but it sounds awesome in theory. Of course, since they need to do everything differently than other shows/media on BTB, the roster would probably be Geo-Force (who is actrually Terra Markov and who has the power to control plants or something), Looker (a male model who has really good vision), Black Lightning (who would have the same powers but, instead of being a teacher would be a former criminal), Katana (still without her actually owning a Katana), Halo (a crazy woman who thinks she's an angel and has wings) and The Incredible Metamorpho Sarcasm aside I do think its much better in theory than in practice. Katana is already nothing like the awesome, actual Katana from the pre Reboot DCU, so I'd hate to see a team of characters I enjoy get the Beware the Batman treatment.
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