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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back?

Nerys Myk lost me with his 'Reboots have been going on since stories first existed, back before they were called reboots' while 'New continuities aren't reboots aren't retcons', so I'm done with that.

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If Kirk was in the Delta or Gamma Quadrant, dealing with the Borg or Dominion, or started going transwarp speeds it would be confusing for all.
How so ?
You explain that without loosing the remaining old fans and confusing the new ones.

Don't get me wrong, I like NuTrek, "In to Darkness" too, but back then, show like TOS and TNG opened viewers minds, braking racial barriers, broadening their imagination, with a moral base (and it got a bit preachy at times).
But was that Star Trek, really, or just a sign of the times ?

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The "prime timeline" is dead. Deal with it and move on.
Blatant statements like, while the Prime Timeline is still making money in books and games, and after posts in this thread proved reboots don't always replace their predecessors (2003's "Hulk" was a reboot of the character which was discarded for 2008's "Incredible Hulk" which was more of a homage to the original TV series, and the same can be said about the original Spiderman trilogy (mutant slingers) and the Amazing Spiderman (web shooters), doesn't make sense.

Anyone who thinks that for the rest of eternity they're going to do nothing but Kirk reboots, and that 40 some years down the line, a Next Gen reboot, remake, or new continuity isn't even a possibility, is sad.

If you believe a Next Gen reboot is possible, they're going to pull from that so called 'dead' timeline as much as NuKirk being from Iowa and NuSpock being half Vulcan.

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