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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back?

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Getting back to Spock and Uhura, I don't recall them hanging all over each other and playing kissyface on the bridge. There was one tender kiss, when Spock was "emotionally compromised," and that was it as far as PDAs are concerned. It's not like they're making out in the rec room or something.

"Geez, get a room!"
There was one more instance, at the Transporter room, but I thought it appropriate since it was essentially a suicide mission by Spock. They didn't show PDA as far as I remember in STiD, so it's not like it happens every other scene.
The transporter room kiss was actually the incident I was thinking of. The turbolift scene was a private moment between Spock and Uhura and so wasn't exactly a public display of affection. No one else was watching.

And, given that he's a half-human involved with a human, and raised by a human mother to boot, it seems plausible to me that this version of Spock would be willing to bend a little when it came to private displays of affection. It would not be logical to expect Uhura to act like a Vulcan at all times.

You get involved with a human, you gotta expect to meet her halfway sometimes.
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