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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back?

Well, King Daniel, I could produce another thousand-word essay, but frankly your meme tells the whole story (at least from my perspective) in a nutshell.

Though I will, of course (since I can't be shut up) try to summarize: Had no one ever seen Star Trek Into Darkness, but only this meme had been revealed instead, it would tell the story of:

1) a main character who requires some personal resemblance to the character of the past in order to tap into existing viewer interest and loyalty;
2) who is restricted from being exactly the same character as the past by means of a revised backstory, in order to enable some sense of artistic freedom;
3) who ends up being changed by the rewritten events of his past so drastically as to make him completely distinguished and separated from his former persona; and therefore in order to replenish a lost sense of continuity:
4) must channel or echo events that already happened in past stories prior to the rewriting of those events, in order to forestall viewer interest in the character from waning.

As a result, the new character is more bound and restrained than the old one. No wonder he's in pain.

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