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Re: Star Trek: The Lost Generation

Star Trek: The Lost Generation

Episode #1 The Golgotha

Chapter #8 Unofficial Upgrades

"This ship is going to be decommissioned?" Ensign Gabriella Hudson asked incredulously. Then she gaffawed and looked at the rest of the young ladies in the Mess Hall and declared, "BOY! I bet Enow will be sorely disappointed!"

At that, Counselor Corsinca raised an eyebrow and asked, "Explain."

"Well," Garbiella looked back at the Counselor and began," he's been living on this ship.."

"Yeah," Cadet Chelsea Hayward put in,"he's been doing all kinds of upgrades to the ship on his personal time."

"What kind of upgrades?" the Counselor inquired as she looked up the current status of the ship's on the other Padd she was carrying.

"He put in an Astrometrics..," Cadet Shanna Westlake shared.

"Yeah," Cadet Hayward added, "he had a visit from that Borg lady, ...what was her designation again?" she asked looking at Gabriella.

Gabriella looked at Cadet Hayward sourly and then at the Counselor and answered, "Her official Earth name is Annika Hansen," she paused before continuing, "and she visitted Enow to confirm that the set up of Astrometrics was according to specs."

"Yeah," Hayward replied, wondering why she did not remember the Borg lady's proper name over her designated Borg's name, "it was just a one time visit off hours."

"I do not see this upgrade on the ship's current status," Counselor Corsinca pointed out.

"It wouldn't be," Ensign Hudson explained, "he's done alot of unofficial upgrades for us ladies here."

"Like what?" the Counselor inquired.

"The SHOWERS!" Cadet Westlake interjected as the realization hits them all. All of the young ladies in the room casted an air of disappointment as Westlake continued, "Awww... mannn! I'm going to MISS those SHOWERS!"

Ensign Hudson explained to the Counselor, "It's like a sonic shower but with water. We had asked Enow to put in the shower systems like they have on Risa."

"Yeah," Cadet Hayward displayed with her hands, "the kind where you get sprayed from a variety of places in the stall...or you can have yourself sprayed everywhere all at once!!!"

"And the many shower heads offer a variety of sprays too, including jetstream..." Westlake added.

"You can even set the stall to a waterfall scenario and just bathe," Hudson finished.

"How many of these Risa units has he put in?" the Counselor inquired.

"Thirty-six,"Hudson informed, "as per everyone's request."

Cassandra Corsinca was silent for a moment while the others were carrying on about missing those showers. She was very familiar with those showers on Risa. She loved those showers. It was one of the many appeals for vacationing there.

She touched the padd and accessed the station's computer and started looking for another ship in an unspecified holding area.

The USS Thunderchild: Registry number NCC-63549 was a quarantined ship. Starfleet security had searched high and low, flushing out the changeling that was onboard, but found nothing. It was being manned by an alternating security team around the clock to keep the ship in tow with the station's orbit. It was more than likely that it had left the ship before it had returned to this vector of space, but the Captain and her crew will not be returning any time soon due to the trauma they had experienced onboard.

The Counselor had hoped to help the Thunderchild's Captain and her crew to overcome their insomnia by facing their fears with sleeping onboard their ship, but they all suffered from PTS and all but two of the crew have resigned from Starfleet service, including the Captain. Two male Betazoids were still under her care, but they had an additional ailment of the PTS and that was having the flashbacks of the emotional turmoil felt from the crew. So not only was their own fears they had to overcome, but overcoming the fears felt by the crew around them at that time. They would be no longer fit for duty, but she wanted to help them manage their anxieties and mood swings before letting them go.

She pondered the likelihood of the Klingon Captain taking this ship since everyone in Starfleet has pegged that ship as the "Ship of Fear", but it would undergo a major overhaul since it was a big ship, way bigger than the smallest of the three of the Promotheus that the Counselor was going to give away to Rimko and his crew.

She turned to see if she can be motivated more to deter from her original plans. "What other unofficial upgrades has this Enow have been giving to the ship?"

"He has put in an holographic medical team in addition to the ship's EMH," Hayward announced, "as per the EMH's request."

"... and an holographic security team as well," Westlake added, "as per our request to keep out the admiral should he ever come onboard," and then she added, "it was for our peace of mind."

"I see," the Counselor looked at them, wondering, "any chance that Enow can put in another Risa shower system?"

The ladies looked at each other with their mouths dropping open in a smile, as one of them came over and asked, "Are you interested in having living accomodations onboard?"

"I am quite familiar with the showers on Risa. It is preferable to the standard Sonic showers offered by Starfleet," the Counselor conveyed, "but if we agree to all live onboard this ship, it still cannot be registered as our living quarters by the Quartermaster of this station."

They thought for a moment, but the Counselor came up with a solution, "However, I should be able to get permission to activate the ship's communication system to link up with the station's so that you can keep in contact with your friends and relatives and just rendezvous with them on the station. That way, they will not realize that you are communicating off of the station."

This seemed to not only win their approval but her acceptance as one of them in joining their living accomodations onboard the ship as Gabriella Hudson came over to her with excitement to look at her Padd as the Counselor was looking at the living quarters usually designated for the Ship's Counselor, "Wow!" Gabriella exclaimed, "those are pretty large quarters you are getting there, Counselor!"

Cassandra was pleased with this as well and stated,"Yes, considering the spartan living space onboard this station, I would say it is a significant desireable improvement."

It was Westlake that had come over to join them in looking at the Padd that said, "OH! uh.. umm... that is over Enow's living quarters though."

"Is that a problem?" the Counselor inquired.

"Chief Medical Officer Doctor Oghana had given those quarters to Enow to seperate him from everyone else," Westlake explained.

"Oh, yeah, " Hudson winced for the Counselor, "bummer. He is not to have anyone living in adjacent to his quarters, above, below, or beside him."

"Chief Medical Officer Oghana.." the Counselor held back her angry tone in her voice,"I have not been informed about this," she reported, "he should have been referred to me."

The Counselor marched out of the Mess Hall with Westlake almost in tow, but Hudson and Hayward held her back, "Let her go. That is the Counselor's and Enow's business; not ours."

As the Counselor marched to Enow's living quarters, presuming that he would be asleep at this time of the hour, she looked into her official Counselor's Padd which had accessed to the Medical information onboard the station. All information she should have had accessed to on every crewmember on the station was blocked concerning Enow. She marched more determined than ever.

She kicked herself for not noting that the Vulcan was in need of her services when the empath recoiled from him by a mere bump. She sensed the woman in emotional turmoil, but there was nothing coming from the Vulcan. Then she stopped dead in her tracks. She then realized that there was nothing coming from the Vulcan at all. Usually, the Vulcans have emotions under the surface and they contain them quite well as she could sense a little bit as in sensing their presence, but Enow was different. She could not sense his presence at all on an empathy level.

"The changeling..." she concluded, but then doubted. Ivana felt the Vulcan by the physical contact. Cassandra did not know whethor to run and get Starfleet security or confront Enow and touch him to get an empathic reading. "Changelings need to rest... they go into a liquid state..." she reflected, "if he is one, then Oghana is one as well for covering for him," but then she assessed herself and mused to herself in her thoughts, "Oh come on now, Casey," she continued marching towards Enow's living quarters,"you want Oghana to be a changeling. You are just mad at her."

She entered a turbo lift and went up two levels, looking at Enow's work schedule and seeing how it conflicts with changelings' necessary sleep cycles that he could not be one. She stood outside Enow's quarters, signalling him that she was there. As the beeping went on, she wondered if he was there at all until the door slid opened, and Enow was standing there in his Vulcan sleepware which was a long off-white pull over. "Yes?" Enow voiced in a sleepy kind of way,"Is there something I can help you with, Counselor?"

"Why hasn't the Chief Medical Office onboard this station informed me of your need for my services?" Casey began.

"I requested that you were not to be informed," Enow reported, "these living arrangements has finally solved my immediate problems."

"And what are they, exactly?" the Counselor grimaced at the thought of patients treating themselves without her guidance, "speak the truth, here, Enow."

Enow looked at her for the longest time and when it looked like he was not going to answer, he asked, "Is this off the record?"

"If that is what is needed for you to alk to me, then fine. This is off the records," Casey offered.

"I suffer from IEB," Enow cited.

"Self diagnosis too," Casey added to her memory about Enow's assessment, "and how do you know that you suffer this Betazoid affliction of "Involuntary Empathic Bonding?"

"Because I am part Betazoid," Enow informed which took the Counselor by surprise, "I have been only requesting three months tours during my service here at Starfleet to avoid permanently bonding with crewmembers onboard starships, but unfortunately, I have been getting too much information from crewmembers living adjacent to my quarters during my resting periods. It took some time to find a solution and working here at Utopia Planitia provided it. I find these living arrangements preferable to the station's for which I have continued to stay on here past my usual three months tour of service."

The Counselor was able to pull up Enow's service record and did confirm that he only put in three months tours for many years in Starfleet before coming to the station. It was his service record that made her feel a chill down her spine. "Enow," the Counselor began to reply, still reading the many accounts of high traumatic ordeals he has gone through in his service until she spotted an incident report that was flagged as personal loss on a specific Stardate. Enow has lost his betrothed during that service. "You do know you can see me for other things besides IEB?" His silence was his answer. She looked up at him, and still sensed nothing from him to suggest a presence on an emotional level, and so she reported, "I must ask this, Enow. I am part Betazoid, and I do not sense any emotions coming from you at all."

Enow raised his chin a little bit, eyeing her with suspicions and then stated, "If you must know... I went through Kolinahruu."

At that, the Counselor took several steps back in horror. Kolinarh was the voluntary purging of all emotions by adults, even though residual amounts remain to detect a presence still in Vulcans, but Kolinahruu was an involuntary inflicting of this purging of emotions on a Vulcan teenage child which also involved surgical removal of the emotional neurons of the psynaptic pathways. Then she realized, "I guess you will not be needing my services then."

"It is to be kept off the record," Enow reminded her.

"Yes, agreed,"Casey replied as she saw this Vulcan tradition as a crime, and Enow as a victim, "so you are void of all emotions but you have IEB?"

"Yes..." Enow confrimed.

"Is there anyhing else that I should know about?" she asked.

"Nothing that I care to share, Counselor," Enow reported, "will that be all?"

Casey paused for a bit and then remembered and jolted to a more normal posture than from her leaning up against the far wall from reeling at the hearing of Kolinahruu, "I do have a request, Enow," she announced with a bit of sadness in her tone of voice, "I wish to move in to the Counselor's living quarters above you. Will that be all right?"

"If you can arrange that our resting periods are not the same, it is agreeable," Enow requested.

"Yes," she agreed, "yes, I can rearrange my schedule to accomodate you," she went on to say, "but I have a request as well."

"You wish to have a Risa shower system installed?" Enow stated as if he knew what she was going to ask.

"Yes," the Counselor smiled at him for that, and then gave a pleading look,"and if you do not mind, I would prefer my Betazoid heritage be a secret between you and me."

"I understand completely, "Enow relayed,"humans do seem to find such mixed breedings of Vulcans as a more appealing target for their antics."

"Yes, " Casey confirmed,"and for their flirtings."

"You will be happy to know that I have already installed the Risa shower system in the Counselor's quarters," Enow announced. At that, the Counselor smiled gleefully, and skipped away, sensing that no one else was around except for Enow for her to be herself.

By the time she was in her new living quarters checking it out, she never once thought about how Enow could have known about putting in another Risa shower system, but she was thinking about what it was he was unwilling to share. She knew about IEB in how it takes a habitual timely exposure to the patient before an imprint can be formed to bond with the patient so she figured Enow will not mind if she spent one night here.

She glanced over the luxurious space in her living quarters, and after seeing the windows were tinted to hide the lights and everything within her quarters from any prying eyes from traffic in orbit passing by outside, she stripped off her uniform on her way over to the shower stall, happy at this turn of event. That shower would serve as a welcome respite from all of the dirty emotions she would feel throughout the day from others.

She was in it for the longest time. When she had enough, she stepped out of the shower refreshed and relaxed, and she dried off with a fluffy white towel that was about the size of a beach towel. She saw the double sized bed and instead of replicating a sleepware, she slid into bed in the nude to embrace the black silk contents of the sheets and the soft furry white blanket that covered them. Whatever the frabic was that made up the blanket, it served as pillow cases as well, and she went fast asleep, wondering what other "upgrades" that Enow has made to the ship.

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