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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back?

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And as far as I know, there isn't a prohibition on romance between Starfleet officers, an instance that comes to mind is Balance of Terror, where officer Angela was engaged to her commanding officer Tomlinson. There are also numerous romantic relationships between other main characters like Jadzia and Worf, Torres and Paris, Riker and Troi, etc.
How dare you use examples from the Prime timeline to shoot down complaints people have about the Abrams films!
Thank you, I was actually surprised at how many examples they were in the Prime timeline. The TOS "main" crew seems to be the exception, actually, but even their subordinates were not above open romance.

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Getting back to Spock and Uhura, I don't recall them hanging all over each other and playing kissyface on the bridge. There was one tender kiss, when Spock was "emotionally compromised," and that was it as far as PDAs are concerned. It's not like they're making out in the rec room or something.

"Geez, get a room!"
There was one more instance, at the Transporter room, but I thought it appropriate since it was essentially a suicide mission by Spock. They didn't show PDA as far as I remember in STiD, so it's not like it happens every other scene.
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