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Re: Nicolas Cage's Career hits a new low.

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Weird, I've never heard of this before. I just looked up Left Behind, i'm amazed that such a moronic concept has such wide appeal.
Cage also owes the IRS a shit load of money. I'm guessing also he's taking anything and everything that comes his way to stay out of jail.

Cage takes anything and everything to pay off IRS debt
Nicolas Cage has become one of the hardest working actors in Hollywood. Why? Well, the Oscar winner has a pretty large tax debt. According to TMZ, Cage recently paid more than $600,000 toward his tax debt. Unfortunately, the actor still owes the IRS millions. Cage was hit with a tax lien of $624,934.64 back in 2011. He’s paid back that money, plus another lien for $6 million, but still owes about $6 million to the government.
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