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Re: Episode of the Week: 3x08 "The Price"

Heh. I wrote up my post before reading the thread, and used the same word: smarmy. Here it is.

Ugh. Here we go again. A character who is supposed to be oh-so-suave and seductive, but on screen just comes across as smarmy. Scenes that are supposed to be romantic are just uncomfortable. Itís not nearly as bad as Okona, but itís still embarrassingly bad.

Time to pick nits.

GOSS: I'll match anyone's best offer, and add the gold on top of it.
Thatís, what, about fifty pounds of gold there? The Ferengi must be pretty strong to be carrying it so effortlessly. Isnít the value pretty insignificant for a negotiation like this?

RAL: Well, Mister Riker's placed a great deal of emphasis on defence, a subject he obviously knows well, having served Starfleet in a number of conflicts. Now, the Chrysalians, we're enemies to no one, and we choose to remain that way. Neutral.
RIKER: Neutral, and uninvolved, sir, in virtually all interstellar matters of consequence.
Why would a world so completely uninvolved in virtually all interstellar matters of consequence be a major player for the wormhole?

RAL: To be honest, I was surprised to see the Caldonians here at all, Leyor.
LEYOR: You must think Caldonia very insular, Mister Ral.
RAL: Oh, no, no, not at all. Not at all. On the contrary, I've respected your world's commitment to pure research. It's just that, well.
LEYOR: Go on, please.
RAL: Well, scholars don't always enjoy administrative demands. And certainly we've seen here that the administration of the wormhole is
LEYOR: Yes, I must admit, I have begun to feel some trepidation about that.
RAL: Yes. Yes, I'm sure you have, Leyor. I'm sure we all have. Do you realise that in the next century, the number of ships that will pass
This is a culture of scholars, and they donít have skilled administrators?

RAL: I once asked you to run away with me. Now I'm asking again. I need you. You could help me change. You could be my conscience.
Worst pitch ever?
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