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In Australia in 1970-71, we had a local TV series called "Dynasty" (pronounced "dinn-asty"), long before the more infamous US TV series of 1981-89 called "Dynasty" (pronounced, appropriately, "die nasty").
Ahh, yes, I remember how I discovered that difference between the US and British (and Australian) pronunciations of the word. Back in the '80s, I attended a small Doctor Who convention whose guest was Sarah Sutton (Nyssa), and in her talk she referred to the US soap opera as "Dysentery or Dynasty or whatever." Which is a pun that could only work with a British accent, because she said it as "dis-un-tree or dinn-uh-stee," whereas for an American it would be "dis-un-tare-ee or die-nuh-stee," so they wouldn't sound at all alike.
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