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Re: R.I.P. Lee Thompson Young

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Suicide is chickening out on problems that other people handle better. It might be a harsh point of view.
Harsh, yes. Even worse, terribly narrow. Worst of all, entirely lacking in empathy. You're assuming that suicide is due to a lack of character. Funny, they used to say that about alcoholism and being gay and all sorts of things. You don't have the slightest clue as to this man's mental state.

Obviously you've never struggled with or had any experience of mental illness. Be glad of that. And don't judge everybody by your own standards and lack of experience.

A complete misinterpretation of what I was saying. It's not about a lack of character at all.

That depression and eventually suicidal thoughts are extremely egocentric thought processes is not an invention of mine. Baron and Hanna (1990, "Egocentrism and depressive symptomatology in young adults") tested 150 adults between 18 and 25 to see how the presence of depression affected egocentrism and found that the participants with depression showed higher levels of egocentrism.

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