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Re: Star trek: Continues Fan Series

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Why are they aggressively pushing good reviews and publicity, while sometimes appearing to disparage the rest of the fan film community?
Well, on that topic, Vic Mignogna has been talking to people who worked on STC and who are set to work on Star Trek: Axanar and telling them not to work for me. He has been lying as he always does, making up stuff, and those people, since they know me, have all told me what is up.

Vic burned EVERYONE at Star Trek Phase II and Starship Ajax. His reputation is not very good.

I'll second all that Alec.
Release bad fan film, savage those not kissing your ass and singing praises. I see that and offer firm review to serve notice. Hates me in return and everyone follows that to preserve their standing by ass kissing them. Class act folks. Real gutless.
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