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Re: Voyager again, for the first time

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A lovely "if The Nazi won WW2 with regards to the Jews" allegory. I can't decide if the show handled the subject well or dodged it by showing the problem then moving on. Anyway...

I love B'elanna's initial reaction to the dreams, which is basically, "well we have a bunch of telepaths on board, and I'm now having incredibly vivid sex dreams, but the only downside is I'm sleeping in a little, so HEY FREE PORN!" Though her out and out telling Chakotay "I'm late for work cos of sex dreams" is a little weird, even though the show does a great job of portraying their friendship, especially his little aside to Neelix during the reception.

I think that's the odd thing about Voyager, sometimes it portrays these relationships really well, then others it's like they've been totally forgotten. There's a good Janeway/Tuvok moment of "when was the last time I surprised you" too, although actually the last two episodes both had Janeway doing the opposite of what Tuvok thought.

Excellent performance by Dawson it had to be said.
I think that's something that happens when you have different people writing episodes. someone plays up a friendship, someone ignores it. But I think their friendship was shown well here.
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