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Re: Breaking Bad Final Half Season

^ I like that title.

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Lydia is Scottish?
The actress is. You might remember her from A Knight's Tale.

And here's an interview...

THR: You are from Scotland but live in upstate New York. Were you aware of Breaking Bad before you got the part?

Fraser: I was aware of Breaking Bad, for sure, but I hadn’t seen it. Then I got the part and I was too scared to watch it because I knew it was such a massive show and I didn't want to intimidate myself more than I already was. I went on and did my first episode and Jonathan Banks said "You haven't seen the show? What is wrong with you? Go and watch it and come back to me." I started watching it and I couldn't stop. I watched everything in three of four days. My life just paused.

THR: What about your friends back in Scotland? Did they know what it was?

Fraser: The show doesn't air anywhere there, apart from now it's on Netflix. But everybody watches it illegally there. Everyone has seen it in the U.K. and Ireland and Europe. They all watch it. Tons of my friends were really shocked that I was in it. It seemed totally incongruous. Like "You're in Breaking Bad? What?! You're in Breaking Bad!?"

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