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Re: Starting Breaking Bad (NO SPOILERS!)

Starting 4X4 now.

I'm enjoying the show more now, maybe I'm not watching it in five hour blocks anymore I feel like Walt is becoming a more rational and sympathetic character again as his actions are done out of fear for his life and he's reconnecting with his wife again. The money is directly for his family again, and for brother-in-law's medical bills, so it's a more 'human' motivation again.

My favorite character is Mike, the calm and put-upon hitman. He's really funny Also Saul. And Gus. So basically none of the main characters haha

I'm still waiting for the cancer to come back. I think it being in remission for over a season was a mistake as it robs his original motivation from him. I think I'd be safe in assuming it will come back in the end of course. Maybe S4 ends with the terminal prognosis...
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