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Re: Scaling the Excelsior Filming Model

@ Praetor

Concerning the engineering hull chasm I'm obviously still a kid.

@ Workbee

I think that single shot you linked should be "triangulated" with the pass-through shot and the inside-arrival shot. The latter one is interesting once you notice the obvious space between the starboard nacelle and the spacedoor frame.

I wonder what or how many size proposals we might get for the spacedoors and whether the "size comparison chart" sized Excelsior would fit through.

@ King Daniel

Why do the surface details and interiors of the Grissom suggest a vessel larger than 120 meters?
I still haven't made up my mind what those dome lights top and bottom could possibly be, other than reaction control thrusters of some kind.
Assuming these were windows I'm afraid that would make the vessel's engineering pod look like the spacedock's smaller brother.
And the only interior of Grissom we saw was the bridge - which looks to me as if they had moved the helm console closer to the wall consoles to suggest a much smaller bridge than Enterprise.

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