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Re: Oberth Class the missing link between Enterprise and Reliant

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Before I proceed, I must tuck tail and correct a horrible omission that I hope can be forgiven. In retelling the tale of the creation of the Oberth schematic for LCARS24, I completely neglecting to mention the the critical input of our own Reverend, whose efforts to create accurate schematics of the Oberth class I considered definitive, and strongly influenced the take on the ship I presented before.

Whatever the Romulan is for "oops," there you have it. I have put in a PM to Reverend in the hopes he drops by.
Not sure what else I can add to the discussion beyond posting a link to the old schematic thread. Suffice to say I've always worked from the presumption that the Oberth was a late 22nd century design (hence the log reg) and was heavily influenced by Vulcan design aesthetics (hence the unique look.) I don't tink I ever totally settled on a size for the thing, but I'm pretty sure it was in the 180/200m ballpark. IIRC I came the the opinion that the model makers intended it to be a lot bigger (by a factor of at least 2) than what the official length ended up being.

As for the schematics themselves, a quick rummage through my photobucket account yields these, which are about as far as I got before something shinny distracted me.

And just for fun!

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