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Concocted by a dear on-line friend of mine, Scott. He deserves the credit (or the blame)...

Even if you don't know the show, the monolog is a hoot by itself.

Steve Smith, aka Red Green, as The Doctor:

I wanna talk to you younger guys about regeneration.

I know you may get tired of looking in the mirror and seeing the same face century after century, and you start thinking to yourself that a little cosmetic regeneration might perk up the old love life.

You go a couple of centuries with the same body and it starts to kinda sag in places where itís not supposed to, and itís kinda hard in some places that itís not.

But trust me, thereís gonna come a time when youíre nose to eyepiece with an Imperial Dalek or two, and all youíve got is a hockey stick and a roll of duct tape that youíre gonna want that extra life.

Just because the cute little Time Lady across the way kinda sniffed you over doesnít mean youíve got to put on a whole new face for her. And who knows, when your personality changes completely, you may not be so interested in her.

Having an old body builds character. The aches and pains just may prevent you from walking up to a Cyberman and telling him to go plug himself.

So trust me, stick with old and crafty. It helps the bad guys underestimate you.

Just remember, Iím pulling for you.

Weíre all in this together.

Tempt the Hand of Fate and it'll give you the "finger"!

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