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Re: Let's Discuss the Romulan Bird of Prey!

...There, and in "Let That Be", unless Lokai was capitalizing on his supposed centuries-long lifespan to perform an interstellar journey in a standard shuttle.

However, TNG "Descent" finally puts in onscreen writing what has been speculated on the background for some time: nacelles can be there for impulse, too. That is, the tiniest shuttlepods of TNG supposedly can't do warp, but that's never been canonical in dialogue - yet "Descent" has a graphic making it explicit that the pod Data appropriates has "750 millicochrane impulse engines" in its nacelles.

Obviously, the mere cigar shape of nacelles doesn't tell us anything yet, as such things could hold weapons, sensors, fuel or cargo just as well as sets of subspace coils. The thing with the TOS and TAS shuttlecraft nacelles (and those of the Romulan ship) is the very close likeness to the engines of the hero ship, including the red-glowing forward caps, the fancy partial aft cowlings, and the occasional "intercooler tube".

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