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Re: Intrepid class VS a galaxy class, which was more powerful and adva

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Personally, if Mike Okuda is going to sit down and write up a bunch of tech manuals based on designs he did for the show, are YOU really going to sit back and say "Hey Mike Okuda, hey, I like those books you did based on the designs you made for TNG, but you know what, they aren't Canon, because they didn't appear in the show".
Yes, i would say almost exactly that, I love reading about behind the scenes stuff and what people intended to happen or be true but it's not canon.

Give me a break. Look up the definition of Canon and you'll find the definition states canon is what the end user defines as truisms they consider.
So what you're saying is there's no such thing as canon, because if everyone can make up shit or exclude stuff he doesn't like "canon" becomes irrelevant.

If you want to be that guy who would challenge people like Mike Okuda calling his information akin to fraud ...
No one except you is talking about fraud.

I should ALSO point out if YOU don't support the materials, at least in so far as to acknowledge they exist and acknowledge TPTB are working hard to expand the universe in other formats since CBS is so resistant to putting Star Trek back on the air, all you're doing is hurting the franchise. Each person who says "I don't care about Path to 2409 (the relaunch series)" has essentially said "I don't want anymore Star Trek".
That's just ridiculous. As if CBS cares about a few nerds like us reading novels or not when it comes to televised Star Trek.
The novels, games etc. are niche products, they really don't matter and if they ever make a new Star Trek series the writers will ignore and/or contradict them. The most likely scenario is a reboot that even ignores the old shows, so if there is a universe expanding effort that is or isn't supported by a few fans is beyond irrelevant.

And btw, didn't you say I as the end user get to decide what's canon or not and now I'm not allowed to not care about some Path to 2409 novels I've never even heard of? How does that make sense or did you actually mean canon is what YOU as the end user want and we should fall in line and agree with you?
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