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Re: The Nearly-Disastrous Start to the David Tennant Era

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Huh? They only cast one singer and had a few celebs in cameos, casting hasn't changed.

Plus Kylie is long down the list of problems with Voyage Of The Dammed.
Why does everyone keep pointing at Kylie, as if she's the only singer cast? Wasn't Billie Piper a Pop Singer?
I seem to remember Kylie acting in a TV show called "Neighbours" before she became a pop star. So they merely cast an actor who is also known for a singing career.
Yeah, and to be honest she'd done other things like The Sullivans beforehand anyway. She started out as an actress but became much better known as a singer, whereas Billie was obviously the opposite.

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I liked "The Impossible Planet"/"The Satan Pit" because it's the first proper space-station-under-siege story that the new series has done. Prior to that, the show felt very frustratingly Earth-bound. Even the episodes set in the future were still set either on Earth or New Earth or in Earth's orbit. This was the first time the new series went exploring with a small crew in an isolated base when they're attacked from within by posessed aliens. To me, this was the first story where the new series legitimately felt like the old series. With a few tweaks, I could see the story just as easily be rewritten for the 4th Doctor & Sarah Jane, or the 5th Doctor & Peri, or the 7th Doctor & Ace.
I agree, one of the first nuWho episodes where you could have just plonked any classic Doctor/companion(s) into...although obviously 4 and SJS wouldn't have mooned over each other whilst discussing mortgages
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