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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back?

BillJ wrote: View Post
bbjeg wrote: View Post
I'm not saying go back to the way they were, because those ships have passed, I'm saying press forward. They could have and still can, we'll see after the next NuTrek installment.
They aren't going back to the Prime continuity, they simply aren't going to spend a hundred-million dollars to tie the hands their new show-runners because a few hardcore fans can't let go.

Did I ask them to go back to the prime continuity because I think nuTrek is drivel? No. While I sincerely wish they would (and get better actors and writers), I only state my opinion that I think it's stupid, and I will go back to enjoying my TOS and Voyager stories. I'm sure they won't starve because they won't be getting any share of my money for a theatre seat, and I'm also sure they wouldn't care if they knew.

DFScott wrote: View Post
I think maybe we're dancing around the fundamental questions now, instead of attacking them head-on. I think the questions we should be debating (because we may all have wildly opposite views on this) are:
  1. What parts of Star Trek are critical ingredients for you to be able to enjoy the commercial products of the franchise as Star Trek, and by how much?
  2. What parts of Star Trek can and should be cast aside in order to give the story the freedom to move in new directions and avoid casting new stories in old templates?
Good questions.

Intelligent characters are critical. NuKirk is not someone I can possibly imagine being capable of giving - and making the audience believe - the ethics lessons and moral philosophy of realKirk's speeches.

Intelligent stories are critical, and ones that make some effort to extrapolate science in a plausible way (as much as current RL knowledge and established in-universe knowledge allows)

Cast aside some of the utterly trivial details. ie. I do not give a damn what Gowron's cousin's hairdresser's husband's commanding officer thinks about the state of politics on the Klingon homeworld. I really don't. It's boring beyond belief, and is the kind of material that would go over better in a novel than in a TV episode or movie.

It wasn't "the prime timeline" that I wanted. It was the prime characters. And in the story we have now, the events which the writers staged to change the storyline have altered the characters so drastically that I do not perceive them as the same people -- just different actors wearing something reminiscent of their clothes.
This is it exactly. I could take Kirk et. al in a different timeline if he still talked and acted and thought like Kirk. NuKirk is a spoiled little ass, and nuSpock isn't any better. Neither of them act like adults, and as I said - I can't fathom either of them having the maturity to pull off anything remotely as thoughtful as what happened in even the worst of the TOS episodes. I'd trust TOS Kirk and Spock with my life. I wouldn't trust nuKirk and nuSpock to clean my cats' litter box.

Greg Cox wrote: View Post
It's just that there always seems to be a whiff of denial to these debates, as though a certain segment of fans are still clinging to the idea that the reboot is just a temporary detour and we'll get back to the "real" Trek eventually. Which, from a practical standpoint, strikes me as unrealistic.
Which is your opinion, and you're entitled to it. And if you ever happen to write a nuTrek novel, I won't be buying it. You're an excellent author and I enjoy your work, but only to the point where you're writing in a universe I find enjoyable.

(and for the people who will promptly yell at me for "threatening" to not buy Greg Cox's books... don't bother. It's not a threat and not a tantrum - just a comment)

Mysterion wrote: View Post
No doubt. Hell, it's been almost 34 years now, and there are folks who still don't accept the TMP klingons as really being klingons. And even though it's been explained on-screen, there are still people who cling (no pun intended) to incredibly convoluted theories to explian why there are two different kinds of klingons.
I was one of them. But after having read an excellent series of fanfic stories by various Orion Press authors, I have changed my mind. The reason is that these authors came up with a logical, sensible, plausible, in-universe scenario for the change. It makes sense to me and the stories were terrific.

BillJ wrote: View Post
In my opinion, those people waiting for the Prime timeline to come back, are going to be waiting for a really long time. I really don't think we'll see a return to it in my lifetime and I'm 42.
Who's waiting? I'd be ecstatic if it did, but I'm not going to wait and pine like an abandoned wife on a widow's walk.
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