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Re: If they made a 25th century TV series, would you watch it?

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Les Moonves said the fourth season nosedived in the ratings because it was "hip deep in canon". I'm not anticipating a series devoted to the old canon from him. Actually, I'm not anticipating a series at all.
There's no way in hell Moonves would have ever said something like that. He wouldn't have known the word "canon" from the thing that shoots cannonballs. What's your source for this?

This sounds more like the typical "Moonves hates Star Trek and all sci-fi" BS that trufans tend to frequently spout, with no basis in reality. Moonves doesn't hate Star Trek and sci-fi. He hates shows that are expensive to produce and at the same time give little payoff in ratings. If Star trek were as cheap to produce as reality show schlock and garnered the same ratings as said reality show, we'd have a new Trek series tomorrow.
I totally agree on all points.
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