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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2013

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^Except at the time Disney bought it, it was called Fox Family Channel -- after Fox Kids Worldwide acquired it in 1997 and renamed it from The Family Channel. It was only after Disney acquired it in 2001 that they renamed it to ABC Family, since they already owned ABC and envisioned ABCF as a dumping ground for reruns of ABC shows. The "XYZ" rebranding was something they considered later on after that initial plan failed.
I knew about the channel's history. I just meant after ABC bought it.
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More casting for Syfy’s High Moon

Dana Davis and stage actor Peter Macon have been cast as regulars in Bryan Fuller’s Syfy pilot High Moon, which explores what happens when the countries of Earth establish colonies to mine the moon’s resources and discover a new form of life. Davis plays Yama Winehart, the first – and last – kid ever born on the Moon. Pre-natal problems with artificial gravity mean she can never leave the Moon, giving her a special connection with it and making her the moon’s first environmentalist. Macon will play Yama’s father, General Gale Lynn Winehart, a hard-as-nails American Army General who, with years of hands on battle experience, is not only savvy but cautious as he knows things are not always what they seem.
Hmmm, the Yama description is actually one of the more interesting ones I've read in a while.
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