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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back?

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And no, comics did not create the idea of the reboot. As Greg and I pointed out its be going on forever. Probably as far back as the first storytellers.
I was talking about the term 'reboot', where the word originated.
Was that ever in dispute? I even mentioned its origin in this post.

Ultimate X-Men isn't a reboot. The other X-men comics are still being published. The Ultimate version exists in a different continuity.No. If the original X-Men is still being publish, how can the Ultimate version have rebooted it?
When characters like the 'Uncanny X-Men' started reaching their 50's, the Ultimate timeline was created to make them in there 20's again. The 'Uncanny' X-Men had war time comics.
Which X-Men, other than the obvious ones like Prof. X and Wolverine were ever said to be in their 50s o older? Not the original five or most of the All New All Different ones.
The Ultimate line is something different than a reboot, even though its a different take on the Marvel heroes.Reboots are 'different continuities'. The silver and bronze age were reboots. All that 'earth-645' means is reboot/remake/revamp #19, and each had there own continuity
Uh, when was there a reboot in the Bronze Age? It flows pretty seamlessly from the Silver Age. DC's preCrisis continuity runs from around 1955 ( the Martian Manhunter's debut) through 1986 ( the end of Crisis On Infinite Earths), encompassing the Silver and Bronze Ages.

I liked the 'Astonishing' X-Men reboot because it rebooted 'Uncanny' X-Men the way they should have, they did all that stuff 'Uncanny' did, just later. Don't get me started on 'Ultimate' Wolverine.
There was a reboot in Astonishing X-men? Explain that one. I thought it was just a new X-Men title. As far as I know its in the same continuity as every Marvel Comic since published since 1961 (FF#1).

You must be unfamiliar with things like the retconn and the sliding time scale as used in comics. The FF didn't blast off into space in 1961. The blasted off into space 10 or 15 years prior to what ever the current date is. Tony Stark didn't get shrapnel in his heart during the Vietnam War. Captain America didn't get de-iced in 1964. It all changes as time moves forward. The characters do not age in real time. These little tweaks are called retcons, not reboots.

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