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Re: top babylon 5 movies

1. Call to Arms: love it. amazing CGI, bizarre new music I liked, Sheridan is a bad ass for the only time after S4, it's funny, it's got great action, it's huge and epic, and it actually is very important to the greater storyline. Oh, and it introduces my all time favorite character Galen!

2. In the Beginning: great story but it's a rushed montage of events we already knew.

3. Legend of the Rangers: people hate it but I dug it. Funny new characters, G'Kar, a good action heavy storyline with an interesting new villain... I even liked the weapons system which everyone despised.

4. The Gathering: just rewatched this and it's better than I remembered. It holds together pretty well and introduces the universe well.

5. Thirdspace: it's got a kick ass CGI space battle, and it's got a post-S4 Ivanova starring role. It's got kewl aliens and a Vorlon connection. On the other hand, it's about half filler and the whole possession storyline does nothing and is just silly.

6. River of Souls: terrible. Soul Hunters are just done horribly, it stars Lochely who I hate, and it's got a godawful cyber-brothel subplot.

7. Lost Tales: horribly cheap and stale. everything looks so fake and green screen. Half of the story is a horrible story starring the aforementioned godawful Lochely which basically introduces a Christian mythology to the series out of nowhere. The second half with Sheridan and Galen is better, but still so isolated and go-nowhere.
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