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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back?

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And no, comics did not create the idea of the reboot. As Greg and I pointed out its be going on forever. Probably as far back as the first storytellers.
I was talking about the term 'reboot', where the word originated.
Ultimate X-Men isn't a reboot. The other X-men comics are still being published. The Ultimate version exists in a different continuity.
Reboots are 'different continuities'...
No. If the original X-Men is still being publish, how can the Ultimate version have rebooted it?
When characters like the 'Uncanny X-Men' started reaching their 50's, the Ultimate timeline was created to make them in there 20's again. The 'Uncanny' X-Men had war time comics.

The Ultimate line is something different than a reboot, even though its a different take on the Marvel heroes.
Reboots are 'different continuities'. The silver and bronze age were reboots. All that 'earth-645' means is reboot/remake/revamp #19, and each had there own continuity. I liked the 'Astonishing' X-Men reboot because it rebooted 'Uncanny' X-Men the way they should have, they did all that stuff 'Uncanny' did, just later. Don't get me started on 'Ultimate' Wolverine.

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