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Re: And now The Newsroom....

Decent episode, though it seemed to be the "fast-forward" episode where they skipped over much of the nonsense and fun in primaries and now is into the main part of the 2012 election. (Similar episode was done last season.)

We also see more of the crux of where the wheels started to fall of on the Genoa story with Producer What's His Name doctoring the tape with Stephen Root. More awkwardness in the Jim/Maggie/Whoever love quadrangle this time with a Paul-tard thrown in for good humor. Though I liked the use of the now former Romney campaign gal during the double date.

Olivia Munn continues to impress. But now a love connection between Mac and Don?!

And, again, I say that this season seem to have been seriously lacking in the use of Will. It honestly feels like to me he's been a secondary character this season.
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